For as independent and fierce as Miley Cyrus wants everyone to think she is, she's actually pretty scared of being alone -- and as a result, she's starting to blame herself for Liam Hemsworth's alleged wandering eye.

Because ladies, it's always all your fault, remember?

“Miley is super independent, which Liam loves about her, but at the same time she’s an insecure girl who’s terrified of losing him and will do whatever it takes to make their relationship work,” a source told Radar Online.

“This just goes to show Miley's immaturity and lack of relationship experience -- that she’s the one who’s dying to make it work with Liam, when he’s the one who strayed from their relationship!” the source said, adding, "Miley can be a super jealous girl and feels like she probably pushed Liam away."

The insider went on to imply that Cyrus thinks she'll only ever be able to downgrade from here, which is even more sad if Hemsworth's cheating allegations are true.

"Even though she doesn’t really want to tame her wild ways, if she wants to keep Liam she’s going to have to. Either that, or she’ll completely rebel because she’s hurt and act out even more," the tattletale dished. “On the outside Miley likes to appear like she’s badass and nothing bothers her, but on the inside she wants to be loved and doesn’t think she could ever snag another guy as amazing as Liam.”

Also desperate to make the relationship work? Cyrus' parents, Tish and Billy Ray.

“Miley's parents do not want to see this split happen, they’re really worried about Miley," another source revealed to Hollywood Life.

"They hate the idea of Miley being single, especially now that she’s going through such a wild stage. They know Liam’s a good influence on her, he’s very stable and unlike some guys she’s been with, they know he’s not using her for money or fame."

The source clarified that Hemsworth is no saint, either, though.

“Liam’s no angel, he likes to drink and have fun, but mostly he’s very focused on his career. He’s extremely disciplined and they think he’s a good influence on Miley. Without him around to keep her on track who knows how wild she could get, it’s a huge worry for them and if she’s single they know it will only get worse.”

Unfortunately for everyone in the Cyrus camp, things aren't looking too good. The pair reportedly canceled a vacation they'd planned together so Cyrus could work on her new album -- amidst already having issues over their conflicting schedules -- and she didn't join him on his excursion to his homeland of Australia, opting instead to stay home and take off her ring just to spite him.