On Feb. 20, Rihanna‘s 24th Birthday, the world finally heard the infamous ‘Birthday Cake’ remix, featuring Chris Brown, that was talked about ALL weekend. We know what fans think of the two on the track (they even prefer it over the other RiRi/ Breezy collabo ‘Turn Up the Music’). But what does The-Dream, famed R&B artist and ‘Birthday Cake’ producer, think of the recent track reunion he helmed?

“Whatever my friend Rihanna wants to do,” he bluntly states to PopCrush. “100 percent — It’s whatever she wants to do.”

But it’s a bigger, philosophical discussion to The-Dream than just taking sides and pointing fingers. To him, this is all about finding empathy, forgiveness and understanding amongst all of us: “[To] forgive is a word that people need to rethink and actually figure out whether they can do that, or if they’re just saying that they can forgive and they actually can’t and don’t possess the power to do that. And [Rihanna] does, [and] I do, along with a lot of people I know do.”

He adds: “You know we’re all human at the end of the day. This isn’t ‘hey, [I'm] sticking up for this person, or whatever.’ It’s not about that. It’s really about what I was taught as a kid. This is how I thought the world was supposed to work, you know. We want forgiveness when it’s us, but we don’t want forgiveness when it’s somebody else. It’s like you’re in a glass house and and you’re casting rocks out … You’re just shattering your own house because the same willingness you have to not forgive someone else, you have to understand that one day you’re going to have a child and that child may do something that you don’t sincerely approve of. But you have to start to understand that we are human and this is how it is.”

This puts quite a different perspective on the whole issue, doesn’t it?

The-Dream, who is getting ready to drop his fourth studio album ‘Love IV,’ slated for Memorial Weekend, adds he always knew that the album version of ‘Birthday Cake’ would be rolled out into a song — or in this case, a remix. “We knew as soon as we released it [as a 'Talk that Talk' track] it would have to be a song.”

He even goes on to explain the reason behind the original length (only one minute and 21 seconds) of the sexual laden anthem. “If you don’t get it by the first hook, there’s no need to finish it. So what I did was I rolled it up all the way to that point, and I stopped. So that’s all we had, but we ran out of time.” He continues, “But [Rihanna] felt like it was a great — that it had to be on the album.”

Listen to Rihanna, ‘Birthday Cake’ (Remix) Feat. Chris Brown