All of our favorite sugar-filled breakfast treats are forever tainted thanks to Guillermo Fajardo.

Fajardo constructed a series of digital paintings based on our favorite cereal mascots, and crap are they disturbing.  He didn’t just re-create Cap’n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula and the Trix Rabbit to look like real people — oh no– he made them look like characters from our deepest nightmares. “No, Captain Crunch, don’t touch us there!”

Fajardo’s ‘Breakfast Time’ series of lifelike digital paintings of cereal mascots. We’d never want to see these faces staring back at us as we ate our bowls filled with sugar puffs.  You can see more of his paintings below, and we even found a cool video showing how he created the super nightmarish version of the Trix Rabbit.