Breaking Bad finished their season and a pretty good run of television success with an ending not to be forgotten by many, except for me. I didn't see it, haven't been much of a fan and I don't know why. Maybe because I am not much of a TV guy to begin with. Maybe because I didn't catch it from the beginning a get that vested interest that many have. I have seen a couple of the shows but just didn't connect.

According to my Facebook yesterday and today, I am the only one who didn't watch, and that's okay because now that I have admitted my shortcomings, the fanatics that can't believe I would be silly enough not to watch will find it their job to get me caught up immediately.

One thing I did catch about the show in the few episodes I watched is they loved kicking the crap out of Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, and who wouldn't want to see that. Here is the proof and a collection of all the bad things done to Jesse over the course of the years.