Britney Spears did the right thing. She returned the nearly $100,000 engagement ring that her now former fiancé Jason Trawick gave her a little over a year ago.

The former 'X Factor' judge, who once posted that she could not stop staring at the ring her onetime beloved gave her in December 2011, gave up the rock of her own volition. Trawick reportedly did not ask her to return the 3.5 carat Neil Lane ring.

It's sort of sad that it was just over a year ago that Brit Brit was celebrating the fact that she and Trawick were going to settle down and make it official.

TMZ reports that according to California law, the ring must be returned if the wedding is canceled only when the man backs out. If it's a mutual split or if the female decides to end the engagement, the ring is supposed to be returned. Things appear to be amicable in this parting of ways, and if you believe their press statement, it was a mutual decision.

We can remember and reflect upon the Brit Brit and Jason's romance by watching their antics in her 'Criminal' video.

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