Bangs are the hottest look in hair in fall 2012, so it’s no surprise that pop diva and sometime hair chameleon Britney Spears is the latest starlet to go with face shape-flattering forehead fringe.

Let’s face it. Brit Brit is no Katy Perry, Rihanna or Lady Gaga, changing her hair hue and length every other day, although she has shown her playful side with blue tips recently. Brit’s 30 now and she has two sons to look after, so she has less time and possibly less inclination to rock every single trend out there, or to create her own for that matter.

The ‘Circus’ singer debuted her new fringe while out and about in Los Angeles late last week. They are piecey and cute, and compliment her face shape. They look to be cut straight across, as opposed to the also-popular side-swept swoop.

Brit has been known to wear extensions and doesn’t care who care sees the point of entry of the weave at the roots, so these could very well be clip ins. But from the looks of it, they seem authentic and she wears ‘em well. They’re not soccer mom style at all.

This is just one of the many recent changes in the ‘X Factor’ judge’s life as she deals with her former manager and legal disputes. She and fiancé Jason Trawick plunked down over $8 million for a new mansion further from the three mile zone of Los Angeles, seeming to indicate that Brit is seeking a quieter life away from the Hollywood hub and hotspots, and the drama that comes with them.

PopCrushers, what say you? Do you like Brit Brit better with bangs or without?

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