Look who’s leaking now! A long lost Britney Spears track, ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’ has finally hit the Internet in full, after a snippet was released. And no, it’s not about talking babies and their pets.

The track is believed to be from 2003, likely a demo for ‘In the Zone.’ It has a dance-pop feel, not dissimilar from ‘Boys’ or ‘I’m a Slave 4 U.’ Oh No They Didn’t notes that Spears co-wrote the track, but never released it. Spears opted instead to give it to K-Pop artist BoA.

The song is a kiss-off anthem to an ex who accuses her of cheating — she denies it, but lets the guy know she had every opportunity if she wanted to. “They wanna give it to me / But I won’t go for that,” she sasses. “It even addresses the “controversy” surrounding a certain breakup: “It’s like a ticking time bomb.” Uh oh! Justin Timberlake, were you pointing fingers where they didn’t belong? (C’mon, everyone remembers his ‘Cry Me a River’ video!)

‘Look Who’s Talking Now’ is the latest in a flurry of recent leaks from the newly engaged Spears. Last week, her demo for ‘Secret,’ off her most recent release ‘Femme Fatale,’ hit the web. In December, our ears were treated to an acoustic rendition of ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting‘ and the ballad ‘Strangest Love.’ Just yesterday, (Jan. 9), Spears appeared in a mash up remix with Stevie Nicks.

Spears may claim in her song to be “who’s talking now,” but this tune has everyone else’s tongues wagging, too. Take a listen!

Listen to Britney Spears, ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’