If you've been sitting at home waiting for Britney Spears to write a book of her own to go with the two she co-wrote with her mom in the early aughts, good news: She's currently getting ready to sign the book deal that could pay for her first novel.

The Hollywood Reporter's sources say Britney is negotiating with the HarperCollins imprint It Books to write a roman a clef, which is fancy author speak for "a book inspired by my own life, y'all." THR's report uses Lauren Conrad's 'L.A. Girl' as a recent example of the genre, pointing out that Spears would become just the latest in a spate of "headline-grabbers" who have managed to parlay their fame into publishing deals -- including such unlikely New York Times bestellers as the Kardashian family and Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi.

Although reps from It Books declined to comment on the story, the Hollywood Reporter expects that if the deal comes to fruition, Spears' advance will be substantial -- and if it all falls through, no biggie; she'll still have that $15 million a year from her 'X Factor' gig to fall back on.