Casper City Council gave informal approval on Tuesday night to help fund an extension of the Platte River Trail system from the Paradise Valley area to Robertson Road.

The extension would span from Paradise Valley Park through a Begonia Street neighborhood, over a bridge spanning the North Platte River and then on to Robertson Road.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager says councilors agreed to chip in $80,000 toward the project contingent upon further research by the Platte River Trails Trust and the approval of other grants.

“We are looking forward to an opportunity for this group to bring us back some more information and utilize grant funding in the best way they can,” Schlager said.

Schlager says the current Platte River Trail system is a critical feature for many Casper residents.

“There’s a huge importance for those trails to provide that exercise and recreation for the health and well-being of our community,” Schlager said. “So, the need and the communication is out there about how that’s an important factor.”

The Platte River Trails Trust has raised about $750,000 for the nearly $1.3 million project.

Schlager says the $80,000 could come from either one-cent funds or council goals.