There are certainly other stories i could write, but none would be as important as this one to local MS supporter. You see our friend Dennis Arner also suffers from this debilitating disease and many times his bicycle is the only way he can get around. I received this note from a friend.

I'm not sure I you know my friend Dennis Arner in Casper but he is very involved with MS Society because he has MS and is very debilitated due to the disease. Someone stole his bicycle, which he rides to keep up his strength. There are times he cannot ride or walk. He is unable to work. I thought since you are able to spread the word through radio he might recover his bike. Dennis sends out encouraging words daily as his computer is one of his means of interacting with people. Thanks for any help you can give.

I don't know if this will help, but please spread around this picture of Dennis' bike and maybe we can find it for one of the good guys. The bike is a Roadmaster 18 speed. If you know of a bike like this that has recently showed up, please contact Casper Police or leave a message here.