Casper Police have released the details of a note left behind by Chris Krumm, the man responsible for the double murder-suicide at Casper College.

In the note, Krumm says that people like his father should not have been allowed to breed, and that America should adopt a similar governmental discipline procedure, such as the one that China has.

Casper police say that Krumm had a self-diagnosed case of Asperger's Syndrome when he killed his father James Krumm, and James' girlfriend, Heidi Arnold.

Chief Chris Walsh says there are a combination of behaviors, that people should look for in order to help prevent future incidents like this from happening.

Hostility being one of them. Blaming circumstances on very broad topics and things that you really can't put a handle on. Relationships or lack of relationships and how people deal with those types of things. If you take that in a combination, no one indicator exists that going to be a red flag, it's the whole grouping of them.

Chief Walsh says the Krumm did not have a prior criminal history, and is asking the public not to make flash judgements based off the contents of the letters.