It may not have been by way of a bucket, but a number of people took part in a modified version of the ALS Challenge.

It was Wind City Physical Therapy vs. Casper Fire EMS in the ALS Challenge, and the public was invited to take part.

About 100 people ended up being doused a fire truck water cannon at Washington Park Thursday night, August 21st, and many of them made a donation to ALS research as well.

Katrina Beckman with Wind City Physical Therapy says they have a pretty good idea on what patients with Lou Gehrig's disease go through.

"We actually see first hand ALS patients, and so we haven't seen this awareness around ALS ever in the past, and we really wanted to show that the Casper community supports ALS, and supports the awareness behind it and wanting to find a cure for ALS, so we invited a huge group of people hoping to get even more awareness around besides just the viral stuff that we're seeing on Facebook."

Challenges have been issued to the city of Cheyenne, as well as Glenrock and other P.S.C.C. (public safety communications center) dispatchers.

Click here to see K2 Radio's Brian Scott take the ALS ice bucket challenge.