It's pretty clear that this school year's end will not be like any other.

With the COVID-19 induced social distancing and quarantines, our hearts are especially hurting for our seniors.

Both high school and college Seniors will be missing out on their opportunity to have their traditional graduation ceremony.

I think it's safe to say that it has impacted not only the graduation seniors but their families as well.

We reached out to our community through Social Media and asked you to share with us pictures of your senior, and use this as an opportunity to share a special message with them.

It was equally heartwarming, and heartbreaking to read all of your messages.

Casperites Share Messages For 2020 Grads

Due to the amazing response to our request, we are unable to put each and every message and picture in our gallery.

Please take the time to scroll through the post below to see all of the beautiful messages and pictures, and feel free to leave a message of your own for any of the graduates you know.

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