Ryan Decker Rasner, Facebook

If you live in the Casper area or have any Facebook friends who live in the Casper area, then chances are you’ve seen this photo getting shared EVERYWHERE. The photo was take outside the Wold Physical Science building on the Casper College campus by Ryan Decker Rasner – and we here at the station sure have been enjoying the constant stream of commentary about the pic. 

What probably caught our attention the most, though, was the response from the News 13 reporter who was apparently responsible for the parking job.

Hello. I am Cristina Pfeffer. I am the reporter who parked there. I wasn’t paying attention and I do apologize. I understand how important it is to have these spaces available and I promise I will not repeat this mistake. I am sorry again!


Commentary on the photo has so far been pretty one-sided. It seems that not many folks are ready to jump to the defense of someone parking in a handicapped spot without the proper credentials. Here are some “captions” posted on the Facebook page of our sister station 104.7 KISS-FM:



I’ll be the first to admit that I am not without sin, especially when it comes to driving… so says the speeding ticket tucked away in my billfold (I’ll pay it… eventually), but as one who frequently drives vehicles with giant logos on the sides, I give this advice to local reporters around the world: Someone will see you and someone will write about you on the internet, so be wise and be safe.

Comment below – Is “I wasn’t paying attention” ever a good excuse?