The first self-declared casualty of the Casper Smoking Ordinance is the Sandbar Lounge at 100 North Ash St.

Owner Nancy Goddard explained before the smoking vote that the bars on the outskirts of Casper, in Mills and Evansville, would be the beneficiaries of the outflux of smokers. And today, sooner than many expected, she made the announcement on the club's Facebook page...

"It's with a heavy and broken heart that I announce the closing of the sandbar this Saturday although we tried several solutions I have special edition myself right out of business. The smoking ban destroyed the bar as I foretold it would guess a small business has no rights so a big shout out to smoke free Natrona county I told you this would happen this was a smokers bar which you destroyed. A shout out to all my wonderful and loyal employees and customers I'm sorry to do this may 2016 become a great year for us all I have cried a million tears and will probably cry a million more again I apologize I tried and failed God bless."
~Owner Nancy Goddard~

Nancy Goddard spoke with us Tuesday morning in the empty bar before opening time at noon about closing down her bar.