Pouring your grease down the drain is never a good idea.  Whether it be bacon grease, fat, or used cooking oil - the results can be troublesome and expensive.  Casper Area Watershed Coalition’s Cease the Grease Campaign wants to get the message out, and what better way to do so than with everybody's favorite cured meat.  Bacon!  Caption this photo for your chance to win bacon for an entire year!

We are looking for the best caption of the photo above.  Submit your caption below from now until Dec. 9th.  On Dec. 10th we will put all the captions into an online public vote until Dec. 22nd.  The caption that receives the most votes will be added to the photo and created into a MEME.  The winner will be announced Monday Dec. 23rd and will receive a $300 gift card towards bacon for an entire year or to spend on whatever meats they desire.  Have an extra special Christmas dinner, dinner party, or just to have a ton of meat to stock up the freezer for the winter.  What could be better than bacon for a year?

The grease left over from cooking delicious slices of pork heaven and other tasty choice cuts of meat should be poured into a seal-able container and thrown in the trash.  Pouring grease, fat, and used cooking oil down the drain leads to clogs which can cause smelly, nasty and expensive backups in the sewer system.  And a side of sewage cleanup never goes with any meal.  Trash the grease.

*Sorry, the submissions phase of this contest has expired*