I am a big fan of The Voice on NBC and I was ecstatic that last night marked the premiere of the battle rounds. There were some terrific match-ups, but that's not what we're here to talk about today. We're here to talk about the fashion choices the coaches on The Voice make.

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    Christina Aguilera

    1. I have absolutely no problem with Christina Aguilera. Xtina is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! With her new and improved physique, I'm sure people are eating their hearts out the world over!

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    Blake Shelton

    I fall in love again with Blake Shelton all over again each season... each time just a little bit more. You gotta love those dimples and those totally Southern sayings mixed with his sexy Southern drawl! Miranda, you better watch out!

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    Adam Levine

    Adam Levine. I love you. I truly do. You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger fan. But please, for the love of God, shave that bush on your face! If you could walk around just looking just like you did in that Cosmo spread, I'd be a happy girl!

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    Cee Lo Green

    Finally, we come to Cee Lo Green, whose henna tattoo on his head has apparently faded at this point. Or at least it did before the Battle Rounds were taped!

    I'm so glad (kinda) that we weren't treated to crazy head gear. I'm not sure I could take that ON TOP of his outfits! I'm glad it seems like he's given up the rented pets as well, even though I thought the cat was a nice touch!