More Americans are strapping on their hiking boots and reconnecting with nature this Independence Day, thanks to some of the cheapest gas prices since 2009. GasBuddy, a community-based price comparison app that helps users find cheap gas, shares the top 10 states with the largest savings compared to last year, making them ideal places to take a last-minute road trip to reconnect with nature.

“The 4th of July weekend is our busiest weekend of the year,” said Ken Kosky, promotions director at Indiana Dunes Tourism, a top-rated state park by USA Today. “The low gas prices have played a huge role in the increased amount of visitors we’ve experienced. We are showing an increase of 6 percent so far this year, so an increase of 5-10 percent for the holiday is anticipated. We expect more people flocking to the Indiana Dunes this holiday weekend to enjoy the miles of sandy beaches and the great hiking trails.”

According to a recent GasBuddy summer travel survey, there is no better way to celebrate the Independence Day than by experiencing the natural beauties of this country; over a quarter of respondents said their ideal summer vacation spot is a state or national park.

“The average national savings is 89 cents per gallon from last year and some states are saving even more,” said Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy’s senior petroleum analyst. “With gas prices the lowest they’ve been in years, this is the time to visit a place that is a little off the beaten path.”

GasBuddy compiled a list of the states with the biggest drop in prices over this time last year.

State            June MTD 2015    June MTD 2014           Diff

Michigan            $2.839                  $3.899                      $1.06

Indiana              $2.776                  $3.818                       $1.04

Kentucky           $2.718                 $3.756                        $1.04

Ohio                 $2.774                  $3.803                        $1.03

Hawaii              $3.340                  $4.357                        $1.02

Connecticut     $2.920                  $3.932                        $1.01

West Virginia   $2.811                  $3.778                        $0.97

New York         $2.922                  $3.888                        $0.97

Wisconsin      $2.762                   $3.726                        $0.96

Vermont           $2.771                 $3.726                        $0.96

USA                 $2.784                 $3.673                         $0.89

Data is an average for June 1st through June 29th for 2015 and 2014