Being born in the Equality State and coming from a family of mixed cultures, it's offered me a unique outlook on life. I have heard the stories from my mother and grandmother about some of the horrors of growing up in the south as well as great moments in history during the African-American Civil Rights moment. I can also say I was alive in this great country to see our first black president. Growing up in the highly segregated Sedalia, Missouri, I remember learning about the Nobel prize winning, civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in school. On several different occasions, I even memorized and recited excerpts from his famous "I Have A Dream" speech. As I got older an began to dabble in Hip-Hop, it seemed only right, that during the highly bling-bling, often over-sexed and drug-filled genre, a  positive light be shown.

This is my tribute to a true American hero and pioneer of equality. The instrumental was created by my cousin and local Hip-Hop beat producer, Justyn Waves (Mike Jackson) and recorded at Self Krafted Studios by Aaron Kraft. I though it was only right to incorporate elements of Dr. MLK's voice into the tribute as well, so I added some scratch samples from his speech.

Not just today, but everyday, remember that we are all truly created equal. God bless America and R.I.P. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.