Chris Brown and Rihanna shared the kiss heard around the pop world at the MTV VMAs last week. Then, RiRi immortalized her late GranGran Dolly in a massive tattoo under her boobies. Now, it’s been revealed that Brown has gotten a new piece of ink on his neck, and he insists that it is not a tribute to his ex, despite the fact that it may resemble her a wee bit.

A photo of Brown taken on Sept.1 shows him with a new neck tattoo, and a rather horribly done one, at that. A photo taken of Breezy on Aug. 30 shows him sans tat, so he appears to have gotten the new ink between those two days.

A source close to the always controversial (and heavily inked) Breezy told TMZ that any similarities to RiRi are pure coincidence and that this tat is of “a random woman.”

Okay, that brings up two issues. Who gets a tattoo of a “random woman” and why? Tattoos don’t just wash off. They are permanent. Removing them via laser is painful and leaves a scar — so why do something so haphazard?

Secondly, Breezy needs a new tattooist. This looks terrible, whether or not it was meant to be a replica of Rihanna. Maybe it was the source trying to throw people off the scent since it was so poorly done and would be an insult to RiRi! This, of course, assumes you believe that they have some big secret relationship going on.

Drama, drama, drama. And bad tattoos!

PopCrushers, does Breezy’s new tattoo resemble Rihanna? Or do you believe that it is indeed some random woman?

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