While Chris Martin of Coldplay and wife Gwyneth Paltrow really tried to be zen about their split -- that whole conscious uncoupling thing -- the rumor mill continues to spin.

Late last week, a report surfaced that the singer had engaged in an affair with an 'SNL' assistant while appearing on the show with his band and in a skit. His rep has shot that rumor down.

The New York Post pointed to the widely-reported suggestion that Martin and Paltrow had an open marriage, but most of the cheating rumors always circled back to the actress, who had made comments in the press that seemed to indicate she had a loose attitude about marital vows.

However, the story about Martin having an affair in 2011 took off. An NBC source even said, "He had an affair with a woman who was backstage and was part of an entourage. Everyone was talking about it because he was openly flirting with her at one of the show after-parties."

At first, the singer's rep didn't respond, with Paltrow's rep commenting on the story, saying, "I don’t rep Chris so I cannot address those accusations."

Interesting way to sidestep the issue, right?

Now, Martin's rep has stepped up and spoken out, telling The Telegraph (via Entertainmentwise) that the 'SNL' story is "is completely untrue, we totally deny it."

While Martin and Paltrow attempted to exit their marriage in the most New Age of ways, they are still providing plenty of grist for the gossip mill.