Christina Aguilera? A diva?

Xtina’s antics are of little surprise to anyone — it takes quite a bit of maintenance to be one of the world’s most respected vocal talents — but her latest demand is pretty out there.

Hollywood Life reports that the ‘Genie in a Bottle’ singer has a special staffer on ‘The Voice‘ just for her … To massage her feet! “She has a guy on staff whose job it is to massage her feet at 30-minute intervals,” a source said.

The source also said Aguilera has been showing up late to ‘The Voice’ set by up to two hours and “blatantly ignoring call times.” Not good!

Aguilera’s previous diva demands have included to be filmed only from flattering angles. “Christina holds up pro­duction with her constant demands, saying, ‘Don’t make me look fat’ or ‘Don’t show my butt,” a source said in February. “She’s insisted the cam­eramen only shoot her at flattering angles, forcing a few segments to be reshot. She also demands that the stylists bring her the latest slimming fashions, and she’s always ordering the makeup artists to make her face look thin­ner.”

Why does Aguilera feel entitled to all that? Because she claims she’s a “huge star.” We don’t disagree with her status, but lots of huge stars become and remain that way by remaining down to earth and behaving responsibly (think of Beyonce). Xtina’s last big hit was her collaboration with Maroon 5 and fellow ‘Voice’ coach Adam Levine, ‘Moves Like Jagger.’ Prior to that, her album ‘Bionic’ was panned and didn’t sell well, so she may want to cut down on her demands and work on her work ethic.

Plus, considering she spends most of her time on the show sitting down, how badly can her feet really hurt?