Casper City Council will set the public hearings for the transfer of the liquor licenses for the Wonder Bar and Poor Boys Steakhouse to their new owners at its meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

The first of three public hearings will be set for Tuesday, Oct. 18.

Poor Boys will close on Oct. 1, and Wonder Bar will close on Oct. 8.

The new owners -- Tony Cercy and his son Cole Cercy -- filed the transfer applications with the city on Sept. 12, three days before the sales of the legendary bar and the popular restaurant became public.

Casper businessman Pat Sweeney has owned both Casper Hospitality Group -- the Wonder Bar -- and Poor Boys Holdings.

According to city records, 3OH7 Hospitality, LLC, filed the application for the transfer of the liquor license from the Wonder Bar, owned by Casper Hospitality Group, LLC.

Triple C Food & Beverage, LLC, filed the application for the transfer of the liquor license of Poor Boys, owned by Poor Boys Holdings, LLC.

Neither application indicated the fate of the Wonder Bar and Poor Boys.

It did, however, ask if either owner had ever been convicted of a felony or an alcohol related offense. Neither Tony nor Cole Cercy checked the "yes" box regarding felonies.

However, Tony Cercy did check the "yes" box regarding conviction of an alcohol-related offense.

Besides the public hearings conducted by Casper City Council, the applications will be reviewed by the Wyoming Liquor Division, Casper Fire-EMS, the Casper Planning and Community Development Department, and the Casper-Natrona County Health Department.

Friday, Sweeney said both businesses employed about 70 workers, some of them part time. He's been working with the Department of Employment to help them find other work, he said.

He had wanted to sell the Wonder Bar for years, and the Cercys were interested in that. Because of the large mortgage he had to take out to buy the Parkway Plaza back from the Houston owners, using Poor Boys as collateral, he also showed the Cercys the steakhouse, he said.

He declined to disclose the terms of the sale.