Can't get enough Courtney Stodden? Do you wish she could hang out in your bedroom while you play Xbox and eat from take-out containers? You're in luck!

The teenage bride has partnered with to bring the people what they want - namely, four pieces of life-size wall art featuring the perpetually half-naked 18-year-old. Please use the adhesives the company provides for you.

"I think the pictures turned out really hot," Stodden told E! News of the images, which feature her in either sportswear, lingerie, swimwear or a school girl outfit. "I did them because I wanted to be life-size on your walls."

Each decal is almost 6 feet tall and features Courtney doing the pose she does at bingo halls to lure old men into her clutches. And we hate to say it but it's kind of effective.  "I did them more risqué because that's what I'm all about!" she said.

TheBlownUp is dedicated to getting men to ditch their Tim Tebow cutouts in favor of ones featuring the most "amazing babes to ever bless us with their beauty." Now that Courtney is hawking her likeness there, she's included in the site's roster of porn stars and models (along with Ice-T's wife Coco).

Wait until imaginary sister Courtland hears about this.