Music, movies, digital start ups and social media aren’t the only areas where Justin Bieber excels or traffics in. The multi-tasking teen, who shared video footage of an impromptu country remix of ‘Boyfriend’ the other day, is publishing another book. This one is called ‘Just Getting Started,’ and it’s his second. The Biebs tweeted the cover of the book, which is due out later this year, sharing the cool, hip image with his 25 million followers.

On the cover, the Biebs looks mature, leaning back and staring straight ahead while reclining on a beige couch and wrapped in a blood red-hued jacket with those famous Bieber bangs combed back. It’s that serious stare that gives the Biebs a more grown up aura.

The book also boasts the “100% official” tag.

The tome was initially described as a photography book, so it will tell The Biebs’ story via pictures. It is due to drop in September, so mark those calendars now, Beliebers.

While it’s usually best not to judge a book by its cover, most Beliebers won’t be able to help themselves in this case. The Biebs looks so adorbs in this image and since they already love him unconditionally, this book is most likely something they will want to own, read, absorb and devour.

The ‘As Long as You Love Me’ singer posted: “So excited to reveal the cover for my new book #JustGettingStarted. Hope u like it, I can’t wait 4u 2 read it.”

He also tweeted that he is telling the real story of his rise to fame with the book. You can peep that tweet below.

One other thing we wanted to mention: Notice that the Biebs is certainly creeping up on Lady Gaga with Twitter followers. While she’s racked up over 27 million (!!!) followers, he is steadily and surely encroaching on her tally.

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