Actress Rosario Dawson and filmmaker Danny Boyle, who met on the set of his film 'Trance' last year and quickly became an item, are apparently no longer quite so, well, entranced with each other. Just a few weeks ahead of the movie's April 5 premiere date, they've gone their separate ways.

"It's all over. It's very sad, but they always were an unlikely couple in many ways," a source told the Sun about the pair (and their 23-year age difference).

Before the split, another insider summed up what may have been the glue that kept them together: "Politically, they are on the same page and I guess it doesn't hurt that Danny thinks Rosario is very sexy."

Sex and politics aside, Rosario may have simply gotten tired of traveling between Danny's home in England and her own in Los Angeles.

On the bright side, it looks like she'll have plenty of time to shoot 'Clerks III' now.