Looking for a real-life werewolf to replace your fantasies of snagging Taylor Lautner, Joe Manganiello or Colton Haynes? Well, here he is, David Williams. He’s the closest you’re gonna get. Can you tell why they call him the “Wolfman?” Here’s a hint — it has something to do with his beard… as in, there’s a lot of it.

If you can’t tell by his pink beard, the Aussie native is kind of a goof ball. Many of us fall for the “funny guys,” but Williams is that funny guy-jock hybrid — the best kind. Rugby fans know it’s commonplace for Williams to howl at the moon, dye and cut his beard in ridiculous fashions, and plank. Speaking of which, he’s kind of the reason why planking is so popular — he performed it during a game in March 2011, and from there it received international recognition.

All this aside, the man certainly knows how to clean up nice. He had to shave off the beard for his Calvin Klein ads and the cover of the 2009 Gods of Football calendar, which has been called “the hottest collection of men” by Cosmo.

Check out the Wolfman below.