On ‘Jersey Shore,’ random hookups are as commonplace as fights between volatile couple Ronnie and Sammi. But even hardcore fans were no doubt surprised when straight cast member Deena Cortese engaged in a full-on makeout session with another girl in last week’s episode of the reality show.

Cortese discussed the moment during an interview with Arsenio Hall and Kit Hoover on ‘Access Hollywood Live’ yesterday. “I was just, like, she was cute and I’m very out there and very open,” she said. “At that moment, that’s what I wanted to try and do. So, I went for it and you all got to see it.”

Deena also said the hookup wasn’t simply a stunt for the cameras. “I enjoyed it. I’m not going to lie,” she said. “When I’m, like, there, nothing is for television. I’m just being myself and I make out with girls when I drink sometimes.”

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