What's Demi Lovato's new motto? Kill 'em with kindness.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, April 15, the 'Neon Lights' singer had a strong message to send to her haters -- but it wasn't one filled with anger or rage. Instead, it was filled with happiness:

Wow. Talk about an incredible -- and downright inspirational -- attitude. Lovato has long been open about her time in rehab, her past substance abuse issues and dealing with an eating disorder, and she receives criticism daily from anonymous "haters" on social media like Twitter (like messages that call her fat and say other unspeakably cruel things).

The pop star also sent a message to her fans on how to deal with bullies like that, writing:

And she later retweeted a message from one fan who followed her example. One bully (who had a rather crude username to begin with) tweeted Lovato and called her fat. But the Lovatic, listening to Demi's words, instead turned around and told the user, "You're beautiful."

Maybe the pop star was inspired to cultivate this message of love after she sent out a rather harsh tweet herself, biting back at the Daily Beast, who published a seriously unflattering article about Wilmer Valderrama, flat-out saying that he was using Lovato's body to help his own chances in the limelight. Yikes.

Regardless of what sparked Demi's announcement of love, that is one message we can get behind!