If you are a Lovatic and/or a Directioner holding out hope for Demi Lovato and One Direction's Niall Horan to upstream their under-a-microscope friendship to a romance, well, you are outta luck.

Lovato has confirmed that she and the blonde cutie are no longer in contact, since she had to deal with some mild Directioner ire, which happens anytime a starlet grows close to a boy bander. She was also fed up with near-constant media gossip and chatter over their platonic relationship.

Lovato told Heat (quote via Perez Hilton) that the twosome no longer hang. Boo! Hiss!  "Not really" was her reply when asked if she and Niall bro down.

"Unfortunately, as sweet as he is, it's hard to maintain a friendship with somebody that you really can't hang out with without people automatically assuming that you're dating," the 'Heart Attack' hitmaker said. "People tweeted and either said really nice things or rude things. More nice than bad, I guess."

Well, the upside is that she had some positive comments about hanging with the 1D cutie.

Lovato has had boy band relationships before. She briefly dated Joe Jonas, who is better known for his string of hot GFs than his music at this point, before her breakdown and entry into rehab in 2011.

What a shame about her and Niall. We thought they were such a cute possible couple.