Demi Lovato lost her father Patrick Lovato to cancer this past June. While the 'Heart Attack' singer and her dad were estranged for much of her life and at the time of his death, that doesn’t make the pain any less acute.

It's still an incredibly fresh wound for Lovato and she shared a photo of herself wearing one of her father's old t-shirts, which she admitted to sleeping in.

While Lovato's career is riding high with her second season on 'X Factor' and her new guest role on 'Glee,' she is still mired in the personal pain. It's going to take a while for her to fully mourn the loss, and perhaps sleeping in one of her daddy's old shirts is like wrapping herself in some sort of comfort and keeping him close. It's certainly an understandable coping mechanism and helps her deal with the pain.

We definitely don't think it's a strange move at all. It's sweet and totally understandable.

See Lovato's tweet and the photo below.