Although a leaked version of Dev‘s eery ‘Take Her From You’ video has been swirling around YouTube for a few months now, the clip  is just gaining official recognition from Dev’s camp as well as finally landing on VEVO. The black-and-white clip finds the California songstress channeling her inner Black Widow as she drags a body bag (that occasionally moves) around city streets.

The super creepy, yet very sexy, video kicks off with Dev looking into a mirror as she applies her makeup. As we see her swiping her cheeks with blush and modeling her nearly black lipstick, the camera flashes to a black body bag thrashing about Dev’s apartment floor. The ‘In the Dark’ songstress then strokes her beloved body bag and proceeds to drag it about town with her. The morbid theme of the video fits perfectly with the grinding guitars and malicious ‘Kill Bill’-esque whistles throughout the song.

From the sound of the lyrics, which find Dev singing lines like, “It’s gonna be over my dead body the day she finds someone new / You’ve got to give me that girl or I’ll take her from you,” we have already come to presume that the body she is toting about has to be a female. Finally, Dev drives the body to a field where she begins to dig a hole to bury it. Before she says her final goodbye, she unzips the bag to reveal a fresh-faced young lady … But you’re gonna have to watch the video to find out just who it is!

Watch the Dev ‘Take Her From You’ Video