Directioners might topple Beliebers as the most dedicated bunch of fans in pop music.

Apparently, the One Direction fans have launched a revolt over the perceived reunion between 1D's Harry Styles and singer Taylor Swift, who were known as "Haylor" before they crashed and burned in epic fail fashion after a month of holding hands while criss-crossing the globe.

Sources indicate that Directioners sold off previously purchased tickets to 1D shows in protest of Hazza's rumored reunion with T. Swizzle.

Let's face it. Most 1D fans hated Haylor with a flaming hot passion. They were jealous. It's par for the boy band/teen pop course. Just ask Selena Gomez, the former "missus" of Justin Bieber.

When rumors began to swirl that Haylor might be getting back together -- which we thought they would never, like, ever, do -- and hanging out in France, fans went wild.

Viagogo, a ticket-selling web entity, is claiming that Directioners are using the site to resell tickets. The site saw a 32 percent increase in relisted 1D tickets since the Haylor reunion rumors caught fire.

Spokesman Ed Parkinson stated, "It seems that One Direction fans are protective of their boys. The rise in ticket listings may well be due to their disappointment at Harry being off the market again."

Ah, Ed, that is pure speculation right there. Especially since Styles was seen with a blonde who wasn't T-Swizzle on Tuesday (Jan. 22) night. Swift landed London, but apparently didn’t make a beeline for his crib. Instead, a girl was hanging on his arm all night. They even went on a Mickey D's run.

So he was not seen with Tay Tay. Let's douse this fire with some gasoline.

Directioners, would you take it out on the rest of the band and sell tix if Haylor was resurrected?

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