Those with physical and mental disabilities will soon have their own playground in Casper.

Construction is underway on a handicap accessible playground at the North Casper Soccer Complex.

One of the main attractions of the playground will be two tree shaped tree-houses.

Sandy Rickard of the Casper Kiwanis Club says the club has been working for the past year and a-half on a $250,000 fundraiser, to cover all the costs, and they still have about $50,000 to go.

She says unlike other playgrounds, one of the big differences will be the surface of the area, which many physically disabled people should appreciate.

"It will have a port in place rubber surface on the ground, so they will be able to use the sidewalk and then access the playground on these port rubber in place surfaces, so a wheelchair or a walker or crutches or anything like that, will be able to access the whole playground and not getting their tires of their wheelchairs stuck in rocks, or wood chips or gravel, or anything."

Rickard says it will be a few more weeks until the playground will be ready for use.

When completed, the city of Casper will build a sidewalk connecting the playground, to a nearby parking lot, for easy access.

Photos of the playground under construction:

Video of the playground under construction: