Miley Cyrus initially appeared to be taking mom Tish's side in her parents' split, but her Twitter feed on Father's Day (June 16) implies that she may be a little more neutral than the world initially realized.

Cyrus tweeted to her father, Billy Ray, for the holiday celebrating dads:

However, the bulk of her feed consists of pictures of herself -- and now she's joined by her momma in a lot of photos too. She posted the above photo of her, her mom and sister Noah with the caption "the baddest b----es in the world." The shot below from Friday (June 14) was captioned, "Dinner with the most beautiful mommy in the world @tishcyrus."

If the outfit in that picture looks familiar, it's because she's wearing the same jacket that she rocked in her Billboard Q+A video.

Previously, Cyrus called her dad out, implying that he'd gone incommunicado following the divorce announcement -- but it's good to see that they're over it ... or at least moving past it for the moment.