Are you (somewhat) of a Hip-Hop mogul? Are you looking to expand your empire? What's you're next move? Endorse a line of high-end headphones, that's what!

DJ Khaled is the latest in a long line of Hip-Hop artist, mainly DJs too, to put his stamp of approval on a headphone line. He recently partnered with B&O Play to bring his special edition H6 with DJ Khaled line.

No denying that the H6 look awesome, but how do they sound? And how will they compare to the Beats by Dre headphones that are currently flooding the marketing, both in quality and price range? The more obvious question is with so many different options available right now (like Nick Canon's N'Credible line by Monster & Ludacris' Soul Line), who makes the best sounding product and which one will stand the test of time?

I guess only time will tell!

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