After almost being run off the road this morning by a sweet not-so-old lady in a station wagon, it got me thinking about all the things that irk me on a pretty regular basis. I try not to be too judgmental, because everyone makes mistakes and accidents happen, but here is my list:

  1. Changing lanes without checking to make sure you're clear. I know depending on vehicle blind spots, weather and random objects in the road, sometimes it can't be avoided, but it doesn't take but a second to double check. *This also includes double lane left turns, like the one on Wyoming Blvd & 2nd Street. This is a very overused slang term, but here I mean it literally... STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!*
  2. Texting/Facebooking/Playing with your cell phone while driving. This one REALLY bothers me because it kills people and I see this happening on a daily basis. And contrary to popular belief, teenage girls are not the only or even the main culprits. There is nothing written in a text that can't wait the maximum 10 minutes it takes to get anywhere in Casper. Not to mention all the features on the majority of smartphones now (that I've seen 9 year-olds carrying) that allow you to easily voice-to-text, talk and a myriad of other hands-free options.
  3. Using multiple parking spots (up front of store entrances) to protect your beautiful new sports/exotic/expensive vehicle. The only reason I don't flatten your tires or key your baby is because it's illegal. However, I will park as close as I can to make it difficult for you to get in and out of your vehicle without damaging it. I understand wanting to protect your investment, but if you feel the need to take up multiple parking spots... do so in the back of the lot. You having more money then me doesn't give you the right to be an @$$hole.
  4. Not knowing how to drive in adverse weather conditions. There are some exceptions to this one, but not many. Extremely bad weather (emphasis on extremely) and being from out of state are a few of those exceptions. The majority of us have lived in Wyoming long enough to know it snows. Winterize your vehicle in August and if it's not included, check your brakes and 4 wheel drive. Driving 5 miles an hour with 2 inches of snow is NOT acceptable.
  5. Driving under the speed limit while in the fast lane on the highway or slowing down to under the limit when a police car is behind you. Simple, I have no problem with you going under the limit... if you're in the slow lane!!! And the police car part, well... the speed limit is posted for a reason and decided by the law. Going slower just makes it look like your doing something wrong and you're more likely to get pulled over in that case anyway (at least in my past experiences).

The list was in no significant order of importance (or #2 would have been first), but they all bug me. A lot of it is just some good old fashioned common courtesy/sense. And there are others, many others, but these are the ones that make my children think I'll eventually transform into the Incredible Hulk when they ride with me. Having lived in much larger places with much larger traffic, I just don't understand it.

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