I stumbled upon a new set of Yellow Pages at my office this morning, and that got wondering: I honestly cannot remember the last time I pulled out either the white pages or the yellow pages to look something/someone up. Granted, I haven't used the physical White or Yellow Pages in years, though I use the online versions on occasion.

My theory? Phone books will go the way of the Sears catalog within 10 years. Yet, they still come in handy as a booster seat!

When the new one would arrive at the house, my wife used to keep the old one in her car, and sometimes when we were out shopping it would come in handy to find an address, but now - if it's not in the Garmin, it's available on her phone.

They really should just drop some off at the town hall and if you want one go get it. It would save a ton of money since everyone I know throws phone books away without even taking them out of the bag (as seen in the photo below).


I guess a couple people do use phone books, but does that justify the cost and expense, from manufacture, to delivery to recycle? Does anyone truly use these anymore, or are they destined to join the "buggy whip" manufacturers soon?

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