When you think of accents, typically, people from Wyoming don't come to mind. However, according to the travel site Thrillist, not only is there a "Wyoming accent," it's also one of the best regional accents in the country.

The recently published Thrillist article "20 Distinct Regional Accents, Ranked," attributes a "western accent" to states across the Rocky Mountain region, describing it as "a perfect yodel for calling the cows back home, shreddin’ the gnar, or in general, dropping out of society. It’s also extremely hypnotic."

In fact, they even ranked the "western accent" as the country's second best, just behind "the Cajun." Other famous accents on their list include "the Chicogoan," "the Long Islander," the "New Jerseyan," Michigan's "Yooper," "Southern Californian," "Texan," "Mainer," "Appalachian" and the "Bostonian." Check out the full list here.