It's not often that an online poll about Wyoming gets me peeved.

After all, we know they are usually created by people that have MAYBE (and that's a BIG MAYBE) been to Jackson Hole.

I wanted to chat a bit about what Wyomingites are watching on Netflix. Between the cold dreary weather and the long weekend I know I'm not the only one that binge watched a bit of TV the last few days.

I headed to the net to see what you were watching and according to this map...

Color me surprised AND confused.

Copying my coworker Doc (and his never-ending love of statistics) I did some more digging and learned that their data came from Google Trends and "Lost In Space" was the most searched Netflix show on Google for Wyomingites.

Yeah...I'm still not a believer.

I am much more inclined to think that we are like our western neighbors and watching "Stranger Things" or even still watching "The Ranch" like we were in 2017 according to this map.

Longmire wasn't on there...and if I'm being completely honest I was actually expecting some kind of true crime series to show up.

What do you think?

Have YOU ever watched "Lost in Space"?

Sound off, is this poll about Wyomingites Favorite show accurate?

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