We live in an age of televisions on cell phones, mobile-to-mobile live video conversations and yet we still have diseases like cancer. And the threat is larger than ever. The ratio for contracting cancer in any form are 1:100 (1 out of every 100 persons).

This short film produced by GE (General Electric) actually gives the story of Emma Whitehead, a 6-year old little girl that was battling with leukemia for the second time and was literally on her death bed. Doctors had been experimenting with a genetically altered version of HIV that combats cancer cells, but does not carry any HIV related symptoms or cause sickness. It's an incredible story, that despite being on YouTube since May 5th, 2013, has only generated just over 3000 views.

The "Fight Fire With Fire" video is very touching to me on a personal level, because both of my parents have cancer (my mother is a breast cancer survivor and I lost my father last year to complications from leukemia). My hope is that one day soon, this or any cure will be found and used in mass production.