I was first made aware of this video a few days ago. Now first off, I love magic (our local magician, Lazarus Benson can attest to that). I dabble a little myself in card tricks but that's about it. Then I saw Smoothini's performance on NBC's America's Got Talent. I was highly impressed. I was a little eerie at first when he said he was: Smoothini - The Ghetto Houdini, but he proved his mettle.

Two days later, I've been tagged in the video on Facebook numerous times with captions from friends stating they thought he was me (or I was him). At first, I didn't really see any resemblance, vice the obvious, but then I started hearing the comparisons.

  1. We're both black (let's get that one out of the way first) and have a very similar skin tone.
  2. We're both former U.S. Marines (although once a Marine... always a Marine. OOH-RAH!).
  3. He wears his fitted cap backwards and slightly to the left... as do I.
  4. We both have big lips.
  5. We both have big ears.
  6. We both have similar weird looking eyebrows (or so I've been told).
  7. And finally... we have a similar speech impediment (I have a lisp, but I didn't notice his).


After all that, I understand... but I don't agree. Regardless, Smoothini, who's government name is Tomas De La Cruz, is a helluva bar magician and after the trick he did with the Snapple, I wouldn't be surprised to see him in their commercials in the immediate future.