Hunting with Heroes is hoping you will consider donating your unwanted hunting tags for the upcoming big game seasons, to be used by our nations disabled veterans.

Hunting with Heroes helps our veterans with disabilities by honoring them with unique outdoor opportunities in hunting and fishing in Wyoming.

The organization was formed just a few short years ago (2013) in the efforts to give back to disabled veterans who have served our country and made sacrifices to keep us safe.

Hunting with Heroes has partnered with the Wyoming Game and Fish department and now resident hunters can donate tags that are unwanted or that they will not be able to use.  This program will allow any one to donate a big game license to be reissued to a disabled veteran.  Land Owners are also encouraged to participate and can also donate surplus or left over tags and designate them for use by disabled veterans through this program.

Hunting with Heroes matches veterans with a license and helps with guide services during the hunt.  The also provide gear, game processing and accommodations as needed.

Click Here - For more information or to donated tags to a disabled veteran.

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