It's a well known fact that Drake Bell is not a big fan of Justin Bieber. Now, after Justin Bieber's infamous wizz-bucket incident, the former Nickelodeon star is taking more shots at the pop star.

He tweeted:

without curses) included:

We'd have to say, if you want to take pot shots at Justin Bieber, go for it. Lord knows everyone else does. But maybe (just maybe!) doing so on Twitter isn't the wisest medium to insult the Biebs. Keep in mind he has 41Β millionΒ Beliebers at his disposal, many of whom already hate Drake Bell with a deep and burning passion. Do you threaten to chop off someone's legs and feed them to sharks if you only mildly dislike someone? No.

At this point, we have reason to believe Drake Bell is doing this to get a rise out of Beliebers, simply because it's incredibly easy. Our word of advice to Justin's rabid fan base -- take the high road, we beg you.