If you’re going to blow through your life savings, you should at least do so in a way that gains sympathy. Don’t do what Henry Gribbohm did.

Instead of breezing through all his money on a risky real estate venture, opening his own business or following the gospel of Bernie Madoff, the 30-year-old man from Epsom, New Hampshire spent all of his life savings on a carnival game in the hopes of winning an Xbox Kinect.

Yes, a carnival game. Someone knock this guy into the dunk tank because he needs a splash of reality. For goodness sake, look at the video of this poor sap -- he looks like he literally lost his shirt playing the game.

Gribbohm failed in the most spectacular of ways and, instead of procuring the Xbox that he probably couldn’t have used since he can no longer pay his utility bill, he won a stuffed banana with dreadlocks. That’s like showing up at a used car dealership for a Mercedes and driving away with a Yugo because you spent too much money buying Three Musketeers bars in the vending machine.

Gribbohm took some practice throws in a game called Tubs of Fun where he had to toss balls into a tub, which is pretty much a staple of all carnival games. He says he did well during a few practice tosses, but couldn’t get the balls to stay once he plunked down money, leading him to believe the contest was rigged. Yeah, you go ahead and stick with that story, buddy. Does this fella honestly think he's the first person duped into thinking a carnival game looks easier than it actually is?

He quickly blitzed through $300 and then went home to retrieve another $2,300 – the rest of the money to his name. Gribbohm said, “You just get caught up in the whole ‘I’ve got to win my money back.’”

The traveling carnival has temporarily suspended Tubs of Fun, while the company that runs the carnival investigates, although we’re confident the conclusion will be “dummy didn’t realize he needed to stop.”

We’d bet our life savings on it.

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