Cheyenne, Wyoming April 7, 2014 - Cheyenne businessman and fourth-generation Wyomingite, Ed Murray, has announced that he is running for Wyoming Secretary of State. Murray, the owner of a Cheyenne based real estate investment and development company, will be campaigning for the position currently held by Secretary of State Max Maxfield, who has decided not to seek another term.

"I've spent the past thirty years in the private sector owning businesses that build and improve our communities, grow our economy and create jobs. I've experienced, first hand, what constitutes good government vs. bad government. I know and understand the business of the Secretary of State's office very well. I'll be proactive from the get go and pledge to make thoughtful and fully informed decisions on the boards and commissions. And everything I will do will be through the lens of constitutionality and transparency."

"When I first went into the development business over 25 years ago, there were six or seven governmental reviewing agencies involved in the process. To do a project today, you're dealing with upwards of 35 or more reviewing agencies or offices depending on the jurisdiction. And it doesn't matter what business you're in - it can be banking, insurance, farm or ranch, medicine, lodging, accounting, education, retail, minerals - the government has never been more intertwined in your business. It is incumbent on us all to stop and reduce the expansion of government and the rules and regulations it promulgates," said Murray.

Murray says that if he is elected, his objectives in office will include advancing business friendly technologies and practices, proactively fight fraud and scams, ensure transparency, constitutionality and accountability in all of his Board and Commission actions, and safeguard fair elections and practices

"Our friends, Doug and Susan Samuelson, are honorary campaign chairs for this region and we've organized a great campaign staff directed by Bill Cubin of Casper and managed by Erin Begeman of Cheyenne" Murray said. "We feel very humbled with the number of people offering their support from around the State and we look forward to hosting a "grand opening" at our campaign headquarters in the coming weeks.

Murray is a strong advocate of community service, civic volunteering and has generously supported many charitable causes. He has served as a consultant and on the board of directors for numerous organizations, including the Laramie County Community College Foundation (where he served as president) and Cheyenne LEADS, the Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development (where he was instrumental in assembling the property for the North Range Business Park where companies like Sam's Distribution Center and Microsoft Data Center are now situated). In addition, Murray and his wife, Caren, are also strong supporters of education having contributed property for school sites and the funding for scholarships and endowments for LCCC cultural series

Ed and Caren Murray have been married twenty-seven years and are the parents of four adult daughters, Meghan, Erin, Kelley and Frannie. Ed is an outdoors enthusiast who loves hiking, running, fishing, hunting, and family activities.