While many Beliebers think that Justin Bieber's naked-and-serenading-Grandma photos were Photoshopped and faked, adorbs boy band Emblem3 decided to have a little fun with the "scandal" and invited The Biebs to strip down and perform with them. Whoa!

Talk about a little teenage dream right there.

In their photo, Emblem3 copied the Bieber pose, strapping guitars on (and a keyboard) and using them to cover their private parts – although we suspect E3 fans would not have minded if the boys went full-frontal.

The trio were in a hotel room and posed in front of a window. Perhaps someone also in a high-rise building in Canada got a view of their derrieres! Ha! You never know, since the drapes aren't drawn. Those naughty E3 boys!

The boys tweeted: "Hey @justinbieber, we're in Canada ready for the jam sesh!"

Seriously, the Emblem3 boys are cuter than a basket of puppies and kitties. We doubt The Biebs would ever take them up on the offer but we hope he had the same laugh that we did over it.

And can we just take a sec to mention those washboard abs? Jeez, they are in shape. You could bounce quarters off those stomachs. We're also ignoring the old mans socks.