Let's add this up: Wyoming, spring, snow melting... This equals MUD, and lots of it.

We all know that there are those who love to try and see if their pickup can make it through thick mud during this time of year. It's a game. It's funny when somebody gets stuck.

Don't try this if you are trying to elude police. Trust me. Just don't.

In Douglas Wyoming, somebody tried it. At least the police got a good laugh.

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This time of year the mud around Douglas is not some wet slosh, like you might think. It's thick. It oozes. I don't care what sort of ties you have, you're not making it.

This BRILLIANT guy was being perused by police on Interstate 25. He must have figured that his jeep would do better than those highway patrol cars.

He crossed the median. He drove the wrong way. Then headed down highway 26.

I would have paid good money to see the expression on the officers faces when he turned off on to a muddy road and got stuck.

But our story does not stop here. The genius then tried to disarm the trooper. You can read that story here? 

We don't have video of the vehicle getting stuck in the mud. If the police release dash cam footage of it we will post it. Until then, enjoy this video of these jeeps getting stuck in the mud.

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