Rita Ora is battling Rihanna for more than just radio domination -- the singer is also rivaling Rihanna for movie roles now, too, and it looks like she beat out RiRi for a part in 'Fast Six.'

A while back we reported a story about Rihanna being in talks to play the villain in the upcoming sequel 'Fast Six.' While Rihanna obviously isn't in 'Fast Six' (the film just wrapped production and Rihanna is off on tour), it seems that there was some truth to the story after all.

The Sun reports that Rihanna did test for a villainous role in 'Fast Six,' and while the filmmakers and the studio loved her, the timing apparently wasn't right. Of course, they all say they love her. But maybe that was before they saw her performance in 'Battleship.' A source told the Sun, "Rita really shone during castings. They loved her look and her attitude."

We're not up on pop star beef, but Rihanna and Rita Ora are apparently rivals, with Ora mimicking Rihanna to some extent. All of this certainly reeks of manufactured drama.

So maybe Rihanna should stick to music. In fairness, we can't get that damn "Diamonds" song out of our heads.