UPDATE 11/9: Latest from Casper Fire EMS...

"Although it was a very windy night, [fire] was able to keep the fire from spreading overnight. There is one house that was severely damaged, but fire engines were on the house and the field putting out hot spots all night. Fire remains on scene. We are all hoping winds will cooperate during the day today.

The young male was left unattended for only 5 minutes and had only two wood stick matches."

UPDATE: Casper Fire-EMS now says residents of Ridgecrest can now return home. Fire is asking that people keep an eye out though. Fire is still out working it. If there is wind again tomorrow it could pick back up and fire is monitoring it and will be on high alert tomorrow, and watching it all night.

So far it appears about 30 acres have burned.

UPDATE: Here is the latest from the Casper Fire-EMS...

"Ridgecrest from 25th to Odell will remain evacuated and people are asked to steer clear for at least another few hours. We will let you know when you can get back in the area. Belmont from Odell to 25th is now open for people who live in the area.So far we can report that two structures (a garage and shed) were lost.

The cause of the fire appears to have been children playing with matches."


UPDATE: The city says evacuations are now taking place of homes in the area of the Ridgecrest fire. Casper Fire is spraying houses to hopefully prevent them igniting as well.


K2 Radio News has learned that a grass fire has ignited near Ridgecrest and 25th street.

Units of Casper Fire EMS have the area blocked off, and access is virtually impossible.

Obviously, the windy conditions are not helping fire fighters. We will have more information when it is available.

See additional photos below...

Courtesy-Zackery Bricker
Ian Delap/Townsquare Media